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Executive Development Programmes
Stay ahead! Gain, share, network and benchmark with your industry counterparts via our interactive workshops.
The pictures below show the interactive sessions during the workshop delivered by our dynamic and competent trainers.       
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Company In-House Trainings
Sustain and enhance your competitive advantage. Count on us for your innovative value-added programmes that are specially tailored to the needs of your organisation.
The pictures below show participants actively working out practical and cost-effective models that are facilitated by our expert trainer for implementation in an organisation.
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Global Credentials for Skills Certification
Be recognised for your core competencies through SIPMM by becoming a World Accredited Practitioner or a World Certified Professional.
The pictures below show participants that will be eligible to attain the global Credential Awards after attending at least 2 workshops conducted by SIPMM. The global Credential Awards are confered by World Certification Institute
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Professional Workshops to develop your Specialised Skills and Competence.
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2D-PSA Purchasing Systems & Administration
2D-PTL Purchasing & The Law
2D-CSSA Conducting a Supplier Survey & Audit
2D-GSM Global Sourcing Management
2D-DPNS Developing Practical Negotiation Skills
2D-UILC Understanding Incoterms & Letter of Credit
2D-ESM Effective Supplier Management
2D-DCSS Developing a Cost-Savings Strategy
2D-TECA Tender Evaluation & Contract Administration
2D-SPM Strategic Procurement Management
2D-IMPP Improving & Measuring Purchasing Performance
1D-EPS Effective Purchasing System
1D-EPP Effective Purchasing Practices
1D-PCL Purchasing Contract Law
1D-CPAT Cost Price Analysis Techniques
1D-SSS Supplier Sourcing & Selection
1D-SPE Supplier Performance Evaluation
1D-EWP   Effective Warehouse Practices
1D-WIA Warehouse Inventory & Audit
1D-ITP International Trade Practices
1D-TIL Transportation for Integrated Logistics
1D-ESCP Effective Supply Chain Practices
1D-SCRM Supply Chain Relationship Management
1D-SCPE Supply Chain Performance Evaluation